Unilever’s Future Leaders from Brazil Gather to Learn More about Vgarden

Created by: Ben Dotan

This week, the Vgarden team hosted an educational forum and tasting of our full range of plant-based, vegan cheeses, spreads, meat alternatives, and more.

Thanks to Danni Berenholtz and Paul Israel, of the Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce (IACC), who made this gathering possible, we had the honor of welcoming a delegation of Unilever’s Future Leaders program in Brazil, a program to support the next generation of professionals passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

We also wish to thank the Israel-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Renata Plapler for her vision and efforts in making this event such a great success.

These young leaders represent some of Brazil’s largest retailers and distributors.

Our team gave them a thorough review of the Israeli food-tech ecosystem, Vgarden’s activities, our vision for the plant-based industry, before presenting a full plant-based meal (soft and hard cheeses, smoked salmon, deli meats and tuna).

We are grateful for the opportunity to state the case for plant-based diet and industry, for these future leaders to promote in their homeland.

We look forward to fruitful collaborations in Latin America, sharing Vgarden's spirit, delicious products, and innovation.



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