Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Coated in golden bread crumbs, Excellent for serving as appetizers for the perfect hospitality.

Comes in three flavors:
Vegan cheese nuggets 
Vegan cheese nuggets with broccoli
Vegan chicken nuggets



Water, bread crumbs (wheat flower (contains gluten), yeast, food color (paprika extract, curcumin), ascorbic acid (vitamin c)), pea protein, refined sunflower oil, stabilizers (E461, alginate gum), natural flavoring, nutritional fibers (cellulose), spices, salt.   

Nutrition Value:
Energy value  (kcal/100g) 267
Protein g/100g 13
Carbohydrates g/100g 20
Total fat g/100g 15
Saturated fat g/100g 1.05
Sodium mg/100g 620
Dietary fibers g/100g 4
Cholesterol mg/100g Less then 2.5
Product Shelf Life:

12 monthes, under recommended storage conditions 

Storage conditions:

Freeze,  -18°c