Israel’s Vgarden Launches in the US in Partnership with Conventional Dairy Brand
Israeli plant-based brand Vgarden has announced that it is set to launch in the US after partnering with New Jersey-based company MCT Dairies.
Vgarden Joins with Tiv Taam to Advance Its Vegan Deli Meats
Plant-based alternatives maker kicks off global launch of its line of vegan deli meats following Australia success.
Fin-free tuna: Vgarden turns tide on overfishing with alternative canned kitchen staple
Created by: Elizabeth Green
Vgarden, a food tech start-up based in Israel, has unveiled vegan tinned tuna made using pea protein. The tuna analog is crafted to satisfy the appetites of the growing pool of sustainability-driven consumers by bringing to the table its creative response to the issue of the overfished and rapidly declining ocean populations of wild tuna.
Holiday Baking is Better With Vgarden's Non-Dairy Butter
Created by: Vgarden Test Kitchen
Tis the season of sweet times with family and friends, and sweet treats as we get closer to the many holidays December brings
The former Sabra hummus executive leverages his experience to get Americans to trade in animal-based pizzas and sandwiches for Vgarden’s plant-based fare
Created by: Tamar Sternthal
A driven executive responsible for the transformation of Israeli hummus into an American and global household staple, Meiky Tollman is no stranger to building new categories.
From Nachos to Enchiladas, and From Burritos to Bowls: Vegan Ingredients and the Global TexMex Trend
Created by: Tom Rothman, VP Sales & Marketing
As Vgarden continues to expand globally, I am traveling more than ever, and enjoying the diversity of restaurants in every city I visit. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in the United States and Europe, and while I still crave Chicago-style pizza when I’m in the Windy City, and crepes when I’m in Paris in the City of Lights, I also enjoy checking out the latest vegan restaurants and especially my favorite TexMex.
The Unstoppable Appeal of Vegan Cheeses: Five Reasons Behind Global Growth
Created by: Eyal Adut, Chief of Marketing & Business Development
Grand View Research recently forecast that the global vegan cheese market is poised to reach over $7 billion USD by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6% from 2022 to 2030. The industry analyst firm cited several reasons behind this trend, including generational shifts in awareness and attitudes, increasing focus on health and well-being, and data that shows that threats to the environment are very real.
Unilever’s Future Leaders from Brazil Gather to Learn More about Vgarden
Created by: Ben Dotan
This week, the Vgarden team hosted an educational forum and tasting of our full range of plant-based, vegan cheeses, spreads, meat alternatives, and more.
On World Vegan Day 2022, Vgarden Introduces Deli Fresh Sliced Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Designed to Bring New Choices to Sandwich and Charcuterie Lovers
In the spirit and tradition of Kosher delis around the world, Vgarden brings all the favorite flavors and textures to market, satisfying the growing demand from consumers seeking cleaner, healthier, and more conscious alternatives from their favorite shops and restaurants
Israel’s Brevel and Vgarden Team Up to Meet Global Demand for Premium Plant-Based Cheese
Kibbutz Gan Shmuel -- Vgarden, a Gan Shmuel Health Industries company and leading developer and manufacturer of plant-based foods, together with Brevel, the Shekef-based microalgae-based alternative protein company, today announced they are collaborating to create...
Vgarden Introduces Plant-Based Pizza Solutions for Restaurants As Demand for Dairy and Meat Alternatives Continues to Climb
From melty mozzarella to spicy pepperoni, Vgarden serves up tastier ingredients with authentic and affordable Italian style products designed for large chains and the Food Service Industry
Vgarden Establishes a Presence in the United States
With an assembly of industry leaders located in Virginia, Florida and New York, company sets its sights on the Food Service Industry with a full range of proven plant-based protein cheese and meat alternatives Gan Shmuel, Israel; Richmond, Virginia; Hudson Valley...
Vgarden Expands into Australia with Cale and Daughters to Bring Healthy and Delicious Plant-based Foods to the Region
Gan Shmuel Health Industries and Agricultural Cooperative Society Unveil New Factory As Demand For Vegan Specialties and Conscious Food Production Alternatives Grows Gan Shmuel, Israel; Sydney, Australia; September 5, 2022 – Vgarden, a Gan Shmuel Health Industries...