It was a match made in heaven. The year was 2015. And Kibbutz Gan Shmuel's representatives headed Mr. Eyal Adut, were about to meet Mr. Boaz Eliav, a self-taught food technology expert and entrepreneur.

They were well aware of the rise in demand for lactose-free, vegan, and allergen-free alternatives. However, all of the alternatives they had seen until that day simply didn't taste, look or feel like the real thing, and they knew that a believable and healthy substitutes of the foods they remembered from childhood were what those unable or unwilling to eat meat and dairy products truly craved.

Little did they know that as they were sampling and rejecting vegan alternatives, Mr. Boaz Eliav was working day and night to crack the problem. Now he was here, with his son, Omer Eliav, an alternative food expert himself, and in his hand, he was holding a cheese platter. Or were they cheeses? Try them, said Boaz, smiling. Eyal took a bite. Yes, this was the real deal. Only 100% Vegan.

A new brand was born that day – Vgarden. A Vegan brand committed to innovation, quality, uncompromising flavor, making leisure food accessible to everyone, and doing our share to contribute to greater environmental, health, and moral responsibility in food culture. 

Vgarden offers a diverse and delicious selection of vegan products.

Our first products were our vegan cheese substitutes – Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Parmesan. Each product was meticulously matched in taste, texture, appearance, and serving to the appropriate cheese. We continued with our salty cheeses and cream cheese-style spreads, variously flavored, all based on coconut oil. We have now expanded into meat products such as hamburgers, sausages, cutlets, pastries, nuggets, ravioli, and more.

Our vegan cheeses are produced with plant-based components, enriched with calcium and nutritional fibers, without any cholesterol or trans-fat. They contain no soy, gluten, or any other allergen. Our vegan meat alternatives are very low fat and have high protein levels.

Vgarden seeks to answer the needs of a wide variety of consumers – vegans, flexitarians, lactose intolerants, gluten intolerants, those who are sensitive to soy products or have other dietary needs.
Rather than try to educate the consumers to acquire new tastes, we give them exactly what they grew up on and long for – simply in a healthier, environmentally responsible version, free of allergens, cholesterol, and animal components, all without any compromise on the flavor.

Since its founding, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds, with a new factory being established in 2018. The factory is considered innovative in its field, sprawling over 1100 square meters. The factory operates under meticulous quality control and is entirely allergen-free. Currently, Vgarden is enmeshed in negotiations to establish additional factories around the world. 

Given the ongoing growth of the vegan market worldwide, we look forward to expanding our clientele to additional restaurants, catering services, cafes, hotels, banquet halls, and more, as well as to nature houses.