Vegan pizza style puff pastry

100% vegan puff pastry - crispy and delicious. For quick, easy, and convenient preparation.
Comes in three different types:
Vegan pizza style puff pastry
Puff pastry filled with vegan feta
Puff pastry filled with vegan minced meat


Durum wheat flour (contains gluten), water, margarine (E200), Vegetable oils (soybean oil, coconut and sunflower oil), modified corn and sago starches (E1414,   E1450), potato starch, fibers (inulin), calcium citrate (as a source for calcium), sugar, salt, tomato paste, green olives, flavors, spices, preservative (E202), natural color   (beta carotene). 

Nutrition Value:
Energy value  (kcal/100g) 434
Total fat g/100g 29.5
Saturated fat g/100g 12.7
Trans fat (kcal/100g) Less than 0.5
Cholesterol g/100g Less than 2.5
Sodium g/100g 545
Carbohydrates g/100g 36.6
Of which sugars g/100g 2.1
Teaspoons of sugars mg/100g 0.5
Fibers mg/100g 2.8
Protein g/100g 5.7
Calcium mg/100g 164
Product Shelf Life:

12 months, under recommended storage conditions 

Storage conditions:

Freezer, -18°