Vgarden Introduces Plant-Based Pizza Solutions for Restaurants As Demand for Dairy and Meat Alternatives Continues to Climb

From melty mozzarella to spicy pepperoni, Vgarden serves up tastier ingredients with authentic and affordable Italian style products designed for large chains and the Food Service Industry

Israel; Australia; USA; October 19, 2022 – Vgarden, a leading developer and manufacturer of delicious plant-based, vegan foods, today introduced a full range of healthy and nutritious wholesale pizza solutions now available for distribution worldwide.

As better tasting, more authentic and affordable plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy toppings continue to improve, more pizzerias are putting them on the menu, as consumer demand continues to skyrocket. Not only are pizzerias, fast casual dining restaurants, pizza delivery services, and more benefitting from higher sales and customer loyalty, they are able to provide items with more conscience ingredients, sustainably sourced.

A greater focus on health, wellness and the environmental impact of animal farming and ranching have combined to transform vegetarian, vegan and plant-based eating from niche to widely embraced and applauded. 

Research and Markets reported that “the global market for plant-based meat, estimated at $13.6 billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of $35 billion by 2027.”

“We are understand pizza! That is why we are looking to provide a full spectrum, delicious, innovating solutions for plant-based pizzas; From mozzarella that melts and stretches to parmigiana and Fetta that matches the best traditional versions, spicy pepperoni slices, meat-free sausage and tuna; we’ve proven with some of the largest pizza restaurant brands in the world” said Eyal Adut, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Vgarden. “By working with Vegan chefs, restaurant owners and operators, and visionaries in the food service industry in Israel, we were able to deliver the best alternative pizza solutions in the market today, enabling us to quickly expand in Australia, and enter the U.S. market earlier this month.”

Vgarden is here to serve generations of pizza lovers to come.

According to a survey by OnePoll, 39% of people ages 18 to 25 and 23% of people ages 26 to 41 already exclude animal products from their diets.

And Vegan is the fastest-growing pizza type across many choices, surging 187% on menus in the last three years.