Vgarden Joins with Tiv Taam to Advance Its Vegan Deli Meats

Leading foodTech developer of plant-based alternatives Vgarden, Ltd. announces the global launch of its vegan line of deli meats to be jointly manufactured with the major Israel-based supermarket chain and meat delicatessen producer, Tiv Taam, This collaboration will be instrumental in boosting Vgarden's production capacity to accommodate its global commercialization activities as it sets its eye on the US market.

Vgarden Joins with Tiv Taam to Advance Its Vegan Deli Meat, In a strategic move to expand into the global vegan market, Tiv Taam signed an exclusive production agreement with Vgarden to produce a series of kosher pea protein-based meat substitute products developed by the start-up in its new manufacturing plant. The portfolio will encompass a range of pepperoni, ham, chicken, turkey and other cold-cut alternatives.

Vgarden's range of vegan deli meats are based on pea protein and coconut oil boasting up to 26.5% protein by weight—equal to or more than their conventional animal protein counterparts. They contain no soy, are low in carbs, are non-GMO, and can be cold stored for up to six months.

The company's unique propriety production method enables the vegan deli meats to be produced easily in existing production lines in any traditional factory.

"Our deli slices are suitable as a sandwich filling or pizza topping and were created as part of Vgarden's strategy to provide the full spectrum of sustainable dairy, meat, and seafood alternatives that are compelling to the senses while still high in nutritional value," exclaims Ilan Adut, CEO of Vgarden.

Tiv Taam recently purchased a new, spacious manufacturing facility in Haifa dedicated to the production of kosher and vegan foods. "We traditionally have catered to the local high-end culinary market with premium cold-cuts, dairy, and seafood," explains Hagai Shalom, Owner and CEO of Tiv Taam. "At the same time, we are attuned to the shifts in consumer purchasing behavior and the growing gravitation toward plant-based meat alternatives. Vgarden does it the best; their portfolio of deli meats are nutritious, made from high-quality natural ingredients, and strikingly give the sensation of biting into real meat pastrami or salami. This makes them a perfect fit for our retail shelves. This partnership also gives us new leverage to branch out to the international vegan food landscape."

Established as Gan-Shmuel Health Industries (2017), Agricultural Cooperative Society, Ltd., Vgarden develops and markets a comprehensive range of products based for the plant-based, alt-protein market, ranging from dairy, meat and fish alternatives, and includes soft and hard cheeses, spreads, filled pastries, minced and deli meat lines as well as nuggets. The company initially marketed its innovative portfolio in Israel under the MashuMashu brand. Last month, it rolled out its pea protein-based adaptation of tinned tuna in response to the global crisis of overfishing and declining populations of wild-caught tuna.

The deli slices received a warm welcome in Australia where they are available in retail stores across the country under a selection of private brands "powered by Vgarden." Its cured deli meats alternative is currently the top category seller there. The deli meat line's Australian debut follows the establishment of a factory in Sydney a year ago in agreement with Cale and Daughters, PTY Ltd., producers and distributors of plant-based foods. Cale and Daughters agreed to commercialize Vgarden's comprehensive portfolio of dairy and meat substitutes within the Australian food service and food retail sectors.

The global plant-based meat market currently is worth more than USD 5B and is projected to surpass USD27B by 2030. The massive growth is driven by increasing consumer concern for sustainability, and animal welfare along with consumers openness to novel plant-based foods.

"This strategic cooperation with the Tiv Taam will enable our company to significantly increase production to meet anticipated demands in the US and internationally, as well as accelerate the pace of development of Vgarden products," Adds Adut. "The experience and professionalism of the Tiv Taam group in the world of food production, combined with the immense sense of trust forged between us, can guarantee a long and fruitful cooperation."

The company recently attained more than USD15M in strategic initial funding by Leumi Partners to boost product development and international activity.

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Vgarden is a leading developer and manufacturer of delicious plant-based, vegan foods. Established as Gan-Shmuel Health Industries (2017) Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd., Vgarden's team of experts develops and markets a comprehensive range of cheeses, spreads, pastries, and nuggets. All retail cheeses manufactured by Vgarden are non-GMO, and free of preservatives, lactose, gluten, trans fats, soy, and cholesterol. The company recently attained more than USD 15M in strategic initial funding by Leumi Partners to boost product development and international activity.

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