Vegan Tuna

Delicious, healthy, sustainable and allergens free vegan Tuna, that looks and tastes just like real tuna. Perfect when served cold in sandwiches or salads and also tasty when heated in toasts, pasta and more.





Water, sunflower oil, pea protein, nutritional fibers (cellulose), salt, flavor,  food color (caramel).


Nutrition Value:
Energy value  (kcal/100g) 280
Protein g/100g 12
Carbohydrates g/100g 1.7
Of which sugars g/100g 0
Total fat g/100g 25
Saturated fat g/100g 3.1
Sodium mg/100g 534
Dietary fibers g/100g 3.1
Trans fat g/100g Less than 0.5
Cholesterol mg/100g 0
Product Shelf Life:

4 months, under recommended storage conditions 

Canned Tuna: 12 months, under recommended storage conditions

Storage conditions:

Chilled,  2°-8°c

Canned Tuna: after opening - Chilled,  2°-8°c 

Vegan Tuna in a can
Canned vegan tuna
Vegan tuna sandwich
Vegan tuna sandwich