Vegan Feta style classic

Refined texture enriched with calcium and nutritious fibers. Add cold to salads and sandwiches or heat in pizzas, quiche, and pastries.





Water, refined coconut oil, modified sago and corn starches, nutritional fibers (inulin), calcium citrate ((E 333(iii), as a source for calcium), salt, flavouring*, preservative (potassium sorbate (E-202))    

Nutrition Value:
Energy value  (kcal/100g) 211
Protein g/100g 0
Carbohydrates g/100g 15
    Of which sugars g/100g 0
Total fat g/100g 16
Saturated fat g/100g 14.4
Sodium mg/100g 780
Calcium mg/100g 720
Dietary fibers g/100g 3.4
Cholesterol mg/100g 0
Product Shelf Life:

10 months, under recommended storage conditions 

Storage conditions:

Chilled,  2°-8°c

Greek salad with vegan feta cheese
Watermelon with dairy-free feta cheese
Fresh salad with vegan feta cheese
Spinach quiche with vegan feta cheese